So we love wood for many different reasons but the look and feel of it are so nice then you add in all the various varieties and the looks are endless, but what I really like is to see all the things that are made from it and one great area is toys, yeh we are big kids.

I was looking at the range of Playsam toys in Skandium last weekend and I just got looking for others today, such as Brio or Automoblox, but then I came across the Pinewood Derby post on Autoblog. What took me by this was that in this day and age of death and destruction games on Xbox, Playstation or DS it’s nice to see kids actually making things, but is that a little rebellious side in the current youth generation coming out?

Either way the Pinewood Derby is something that happens in the spring by the Scouts in USA, where the kids (probably with a little help from the parents) carve a piece of pinewood and attached the supplied wheels and then race them. There are a couple of other rules to the racing but really that’s it.
If you want to see more head over to the post at Boyslife to see a load of photos of the creations that kids have come up with.
Just think what this could spark off in the kids, carpentry, painting, design, engineering, mechanic etc and those are just a few of the jobs that they might not have thought of before.
Its a similar idea to the challenge that James May, Top Gear, and Scalextric did in the Scalextric For Schools Challenge, website here. The schools get proper standard parts and build the rest of the car and then race it against other schools.

This is done even more thoroughly later in university education with the Formulae SAE races that are now looked upon by major engineer companies and race teams to see the emerging talent. Again pretty open rules allow a lot of design freedom and therefore free thinking. Yes I know its very engineering based but some of the design is so neat and effective. The races are in June and July so it’s a couple of months away yet.

I would like to thank Autoblog for some of the photos.

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