While looking for a good picture of the use of wood as a structural material I came across Xylon bikes by pure accident.
The bicycle market is an interesting one from a design and engineering point of view, you get the basic town bikes all the way up to professional race bikes for on and off road.

For a bike that stands out you have chopper looking bikes such as the Nirve street king, clean lines and a laid back stance makes it a little cooler than most bikes. If you are after a bike that turns heads there are many more out there.

Material wise you have steel, aluminium and carbon fibre such as the Cannondale mountain bike above, but the Xylon bikes just take the stand out there look a step further with the use of wood for the frame. If you are a little concerned about strength of wood go and try bending a sheet of plywood or think about the house you live in, it’s strong stuff.

Yes the chassis design is a little unconventional but it would last the test of time with a little care.

Is it something for everyone, no but would everyone look at you as you ride by, that’s a given.

Images from Treehugger, Nirve, Suspension Mountain Bikes, Incredible Things.

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