It may seem like an odd choice to use Apple’s iWeb, particularly for this blog, but I can’t help it, I have a love for Apple and their products. The sleekness of their designs, the simplicity of their programs, I love it all. Yes I know, there are some annoyances but you’ll get them with every system whether it Mac, PC or Unix, but after using all three the winner for me is definately Apple.

Getting back to it, why did we choose to use iWeb? We’ll it’s simple really, the first main reason is that we have it, already use it for a couple of other sites, but for me in particular I was getting a a bit sick of seeing so many tutorials and articles about using iWeb as a blogging tool being a good thing and yet I couldn’t find any blogs using it.

It’s time to put iWeb through it’s paces and see if after 10, 20 or more articles we’ll still want to use it.

P.S Apple, if you’re listening, we’d love if you could make a few small changes to iWeb to make sure that we never leave it’s picture perfect heaven.

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