So we had a stop in Hamburg a while ago and got a brief glimpse at the city, from the big lake to the little cobbled side streets. Its a very grandiose city indeed with it’s big imposing stone town hall to all the little streets to wander around. Well we had just come out of the Habitat store and had to cross the street because of some building renovation work and saw another home interior store and thought what the hell let’s have a look in this one as well. Well that store was from Ligne Roset, and there were a few pieces in the shop that caught our eyes but looking on the website there are many more.

As there are so many pieces that I would like to show you I will probably have to split this post in two, the first will be on lights, beds and assorted things then the second post will be on other furniture such as seats.

Take the light above, the Cordula, it was the first thing that really caught our eye, in the shop it had a real presence giving off a glorious glow. It is bigger than you first think but does not have that harsh light that many flood lamps can have. Having the handle and long cord make it ideal for moving around or for the party places. It would have been far better if the cord was hidden and the handle a little more styled, so lets see version 2.

Now this was from the website, the Pharo, and it looks very familiar to the other lamp although there is no where to but the cable on this one and the front has a brighter diffuser compared to the frosted finish of the Cordula light. But as a big effect light in a large open space this would look great.

Now this light, the A Polis, really stands out maybe it’s because you can play with it and put it in different positions, either way it’s shows the benefits of fibre optics off really well. Admittedly the black light ring at the top looks a little cheap but that might also be the photo. I could see this light in many different places without looking out of place.

I liked this little lamp, Hide and Seek, because of the happy playful child silhouette and I can see this getting made from your own photo in the future.

Now why hide the bulb behind a shade when you can make a cute little holder for it and this La Plic does that so well its almost not designed. The website has a picture of a wall with about 20 on it in a random pattern and it looks so effective.

While we are on the idea of lit walls what about this headboard with the backlighting? The Lumeo has a headboard of veneered panels with backlighting that would add a nice glow to a bedroom instead of the normal ceiling lights.

Another bed that we liked the look of, we are actually after a new bed so it was good hunting, was this Snowdonia bed. The little wings by the pillows would make reading in bed easier as they would hold the pillows in place better and the nice soft curve of the end would be nicer to hang the feet over for the taller person.

Need the time when you wake up well what about the Espace Temps clock, two clocks to form one. It has one clock for the hours and a separate clock for the minutes with a single hand on each. Something a little different for the wall.

Magazines and books seem to stack up so quickly around here and this table has it covered with all the different shelves that can rotate around the central pole. So you can have a shelf per book or magazine and maybe even one for the coffee mug.

I like having plants around the place and this little gem of a plant pot as it has the main planter for a larger plant to raise up high into the air and a little planter for something more delicate or even seasonal.

As I said at the start there are too many things for one post so come back soon for the rest.

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