Whether you use a kettle, percolator, plunger, pod machine, or like us a coffee machine, the wonderful aroma of a freshly brewed coffee is something that gets the taste buds going. There is such a huge variety of coffee making products around and sometimes is can be a little daunting to make the choice.

Ascaso Arc Fun

We’re latte people here so our Ascaso Arc Fun, does a wonderful job of  making the perfect brew and its sleek design and vibrant red colour look just as good as the coffee tastes. But what if you’re after something a little different? We’ll never fear, here’s some unique coffee machines that will certainly stand out in you kitchen.


The Presso. This award winning espresso machine uses no electricity or battery power just people power. This clever little design requires coffee, hot water and the simple motion of push.
It can be yours for $150.00 from Presso US Online.

Good News Music Coffee Machine

Good News. If the smell of freshly ground coffee awakes your taste buds, then this little coffee machine will also help awaken your ears. The Good News espresso machine brews a cafe quality coffee and plays your favourite tunes while brewing.
It can be yours for €199.00 from Good News.

Delonghi EC11

Delonghi EC11. Known for their reliable, well built and clean designed products, Delonghi are not generally known for their unique and ‘out there’ designs, but this coffee machine certainly defies their standard product line up. With it’s alien look and shiney stainless steel finish this is a coffee machine that will have you’re guests talking.
It can be yours from £49.99 from Delonghi.

Untitled Nespresso

Untitled from Nespresso. Do you live in an ultra modern, clean openspaced, minimalist home? Are you trying to find a coffee machine that will fit into your sleek design? This Untitled coffee machine from Nespresso would be the perfect machine for you. I am in love with this coffee machine. It is unlike anything I have ever seen before and would look stunning in any home. Designed by Brice Gender and Hanika Perez from University of Toulouse Le Mirail, this stunningly functional piece of artwork won first prize in the ‘Coffee Luxury Design Challenge’ in 2008.

Nespresso Pearl

Pearl. Another strong contender for the ‘Coffee machine I would love to have’ competition here is this beautiful Pearl concept for Nespresso. A striking mix of shape and colour, this piece is sure to win a few hearts but sadly this is not available for purchase.

Saeco Etienne Louis

Saeco Etienne Louis. Looking more like an alien space craft than a coffee machine, is a great coffee machine for the Star Trek fan. With it’s insides from Saeco, this futurisitc looking machine is certain to produce a great tasting coffee, which is good considering the it’s price tag of $1,695.00 (from Ecrater).

iCoffee Nespresso Mini

iCoffee. Love your iPod, iMac and iPad, why not add the iCoffee to your collection. This portable coffee maker from Gavari Design, allows your to brew a great tasting Nespresso pod while on the go. The only bad thing about this design is that it’s only a concept and not for sale.

So there you have a it a look into the world of unique coffee machines. Let us know how you like your coffee.

Images from Presso, Good News, Delonghi, The Design Blog, Single Serve Espresso and Ecrater.

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