Ever wondered what happens to all those bottles you throw out? Maybe you’re like us and peel the labels off to use them as candle holders or vases, or maybe you’ve tried to cut the tops off to make our own glasses? Well Ruth Allen has taken these concepts one step further.

With her background in glass sculpture she has reinvented the upcycling of bottles into modified forms such as vase, jugs and tumblers. The great thing about these is that they retain a lot of the original form which could so easily be lost in the remanufacturing process.

Take this jug made from a Crown lager bottle you have all the lower form but the top now has a nice spout to poor from. You can see the level of finish in the spout with a nice smooth finish and not just cut off sharp.

The same is true of this sake set that she makes all with a nice made feel to them.

Hey don’t take my word for it head over to her shop and look at the other versions here.

All images are from her website.

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