The majority of houses these days are built using standard bricks and mortar, it’s a traditional, cost effective way to build. But have you ever thought about just how ecological building with bricks is? You’re not alone, we didn’t either. Forgetting the fact that bricks come straight from natures own hand made clay, there’s other benefits too, like the fact you’ll save on water and the pollutants that come from having to paint or wash other outside surfaces. With bricks, they can be left au natural and they won’t rust, warp or deteriorate over time.

Think BrickTheir versatility makes them a fantastic material for more than just the outside walls of your home and with so many colour choices these days, bricks can be used in the home as featurewalls, fireplaces, seating, you name it, bricks can be used throughout the home and with their eco credentials it’s no wonder that bricks are still a popular choice for builders.

Think Brick

For more information about bricks check out Think Brick and don’t forget to have a  look at their Facing Design magazine, full of stunning brick designs.

Images from Thick Brick.

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