A couple of weeks back I was in London and had tea at Tea Smith and while I was there I picked up a bar of chocolate from William Curley because of the gorgeous branding. Its all the little bits like the delicate gold print and the choice of matt black card, but the fact that the ends of the box are inset that set it out a bit.

The different chocolate styles are differentiated by the front colour panel which is a simple and bold idea. On the back it has a best before date, like it will last that long, which is actually hand written over printed on. The box looks really classy without being flashy and blingy.

It keeps getting better when you open the box and the bar of chocolate is seductively wrapped in gold paper held in by the black card box. By the way the chocolate does taste as good as the box looks so I will be getting more when I see it.

On the website you can order all there chocolate products and also chocolate courses. You can see that the actual products all have the same branding and the same style follows through to their website.

Note: we don’t get paid to bring you these posts, in fact this one cost us the price of the chocolate bar.

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