Bling and sparkles have never really been my thing but I can appreciate it, and probably the biggest maker of sparkly things would be Swarovski. The cut class objects are very distinctive and really are the only major cut glass ornament company I know of.

The range of products is large with the purely decorative animals to the large sculptures. But with a good size range it is also accesible to most people. Just look at the detail in the dragon above to see the skill of the craftsmen.

The brand has also started to branch out by making the little crystals that can be put on anything, mobiles to snowboards. One of the more recent was the tie up with Philips to make a USB stick holder.

They have also managed to get the repeat business by making limited edition sets and cleverly timing them so they become affordable, it is a clever way of making it exclusive and accessible. Just look at the range of the cute bears they make with the hearts, most women would love one of these on valentines day, a definite cuddle creator such as the one at the start of this post.

Timeless classic? Well there will always be people that want them but with the high volumes there will always be one cheap on ebay at some stage.

Are you a Swarovski fan or collector, if so share with us what you love about them and your favourite piece.

Images are from Crystal Fox, for the bear and dragon, and EverythingUSB.

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