Last week we showed you the fabulous Boxsal picnic box and it got us thinking about what other picnic packing options are out there. With so many different choices, it can be a tough decision so let’s start by taking a look at the traditional wicker basket.

Optima Chambray Wine Lovers Basket

Optima Chambray Wine Lover’s Basket
This wicker basket with fabric covered insides is filled with real ceramic plates, silvery cutlery and proper glass wine glasses. It’s an adorable basket, that brings about images of an English lavendar filled countryside, which you’ve driven to in your Morgan. Simply adorable.
I want one: Prezzybox from £89.00

Blyton Tin

Blyton Tin
Maybe you want traditional but with a vintage twist? How about this vintage inspired picnic basket, perfect for two. This basket contains: 2 mugs, 2 plates, 2 sets of knife & fork, 2 napkins, salt & pepper cruets, 1 mini insulated flask, 1 cotton plate bag, 1 cotton cutlery bag.
I want one: Optima Company from £70.00

Connections Festival Cooler

Connections Festival Cooler
For the super organised and on the move, this picnic basket is perfect. ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ is what I think of when I see this picnic backpack. It’s incredibily practical, leakproof and perfect for filling with delicious snacks, jumping on your bicycle and heading to the park.
I want one: HotRef from $29.07

Picnic Set by Carina Ahlburg
Ok, this is not really a picnic basket but I love, love, love this set and just had to share it with the world. It’s such a clean, simple design that it could easily be used in the home and on the picnic blanket. It’s a four person set complete with plates, cups, utensils and a large bowl for storage and serving.
I want one: Huset from $75.00

Plastica Bento Box

The Bento Box
As I have a tendency to make way too much food at times, this bento style picnic set would be great as it means I would have to make food that fits neatly into each compartment. I love the whole bento box serving system and it’s pretty similar to the way I pack lunches for hubby, but what this bento box has is style and a great range of colours. It’s a great looking, compact and versatile box, it could be used for anything, work lunches, picnics or even storage.
I want one: Plastica from $38.00

Mr Bento Stainless Lunch Jar

Mr Bento Stainless Lunch Box
If you like the bento box idea but you want something a little more conservative for the office, then this might be the box for you. This smart box comes with it’s own easy to carry bag and each compartment can be microwave so you can enjoy a hot bento lunch everyday.
I want one: Zojirushi price unknown.

Planet Box Lunch Box

Planet Box Lunchbox
While we’re talking bento, check out this cute lunch box idea for kids school lunches. Looking a little like an airline food tray, this funky stainless steel tray and lid set comes with magnets that kids can put on their box to decorate it and make it their own. Cute huh?
I want one: Planet Box from $34.95

That’s our round-up of some cool picnic baskets and sets for this summer. Don’t forget there’s also the Boxsal we featured last week and stay tuned for our next summer posts.

Images from Prezzybox, Optima Company, HotRef, Huset, Plastica and Zojirushi.

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