After showing off these wonderful images, I couldn’t help but put together a few more of my favourites to show you.

Once again my love of yellow has kicked in with this lovely bedroom. You’d be surprised to know that the colour is not what draws me to this room; what does it for me is the way the lamps are hung down from the ceiling. Something a little quirky and practical especially if you’re lacking on space.

This one is inspired by hubby’s obsession with palettes. Although we have quite a collection of these wooden carriers, I’m lucky enough to have a very clever hubby who has used them to build our future sofa and ottomans, so maybe that’s why this image makes me smile, in hopes of the sofa we’ll soon be seated on.

On top of having furniture made from palettes, we also have quite an eclectic mix of furniture and decorations so this image particularly inspires me with it’s own eclectic mix that thanks to a great colour palette has made for a well balanced look.

I love the layout and light colour scheme of this home office built for two. Although there are things I’d change it’s great to see a home office styled and made to look great. Of course there are plenty out there that have a decor to them but it’s quite rare to see an office for two people with such style and taste.

What do you think? Do you like the clever use of palettes, or do the ceiling lamps take your fancy?

Images from Flickr.

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