Not sure why I have this sudden urge to look at so much furniture design, maybe I just like sitting comfortably or maybe its the recent Milan show but it always astounds me how many people have just the normal sofa at home when there are so many good interesting products, scared maybe, too lazy too look around, availability, I am not sure but its there loss. That little rant leads me into this flexible sofa by Sternform from Hamburg. The whole thing is made up from smaller cushions, nothing new there, but these smaller cushions actually zip together. Also because of that you can change them around or flip them over much easier. Another thing with them being joined is if your drop something, keys, TV remote etc your not going to need to hunt around as much for the said items.

It was only the other day that I was talking about the muddle of cables under the you get these days with computer, monitor, printer, phone, chargers, speakers etc and the Alifedesign Plugtags I brought then I go and find these more simple cable tags – Cable ID. Yes they might be more simple and not have the icon like the Plugtags but that does allow you to label them with whatever you like. So two computers can get different ID’s right next to each other. Also with what looks like a pigs tail they are pretty secure on the cable I would say.

Sternform have  a varied collection of designs as is proven by this, undecided whether to have a picture or a shelf don’t worry have both. Now this is a really good idea as there are so many little objects that we have that would look good displayed on their own but small shelves can look so bad if done badly. The frame really focuses the eye on the object almost saying ‘Look at me’ to the viewer. By the way its called Pablo and can be brought from here.

This little clock is a really clever design as with no real markings it allows the owner to put it almost anywhere and anyway around. For example the picture above has the clock hooked onto a shelf and at the same time lying down, but it could also be standing up or even as a bookend so of thing.

There are a few more designs over on the website so go and check them out.

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