We love all things design and anything that is unique, different and a head of it’s time. With that in mind, we though this week we’d have a tribute to a company whose inventions have changed our lives. Philips is a company that everyone knows but doesn’t necessarily know all the milestones that have accomplished.

As they say in The Sound of Music, Let’s start at the very beginning. In 1891 Anton and Gerard Philips began making carbon-filament lamps through their company Philips & Co.

Based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, the company grew to be one of the largest producers of these lamps in Europe. Encouraged by this great success, they set up the first Philips research laboratory and introduced heir first innovations in the x-ray and radio technology.

From 1914 until today Philips has continued to innovate in a wide range of areas including heath and beauty, shaving and grooming, medical and many more.

This week we’ll be highlighting some of the key inventions that may surprise you to know that Philips was it’s inventor.

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