I’ve been in a house decorating mood today and I’ve been thinking in particular about lighting. There’s more to lighting a space then most people think, you need to think about where the light will be place, what’s it’s purpose, what type of colour you want from your light, and so on. As our spotlight this week is all about Philips, it seems only fair that I point out some of the great solutions they have when it comes to lighting a space.

One of the coolest lighting designs we’ve come across lately was when we stayed at the Citizen M Hotel at Schiphol airport. We’d never stayed there before and although the website looked great and showed funky looking rooms, we’ve had some bad hotel experiences in the past so we weren’t quite sure what to expect. Thankfully our expectations were way off. This hotel was so stylish, hip, trendy and gorgeous but what really set it apart from anywhere we had stayed before was the unique use of lighting in the rooms.

Citizen M hotel room with green theme

Citizen M hotel room with blue theme

Using the Philips Mood Pad, we were able to select the colour of the room, the brightness of each light based not only on high to low but you could also set the room up based on your mood. For example, you might be feeling romantic, so you would select the Romantic setting and watch as the room changes to a pinky red hue and all the main lights dim just enough to see where you’re going. It’s so easy and fun to play with tat we spent the fist half an hour just trying out different colours and moods.

Citizen M - Philips Mood Pad

Pretty cool isn’t it. By the way if anyone does need somewhere to stay when around Shiphol, I’d recommend this place to everyone.

Want to know why we’re doing a spotlight on Philips? Check out our first Philips spotlight, or go directly to their key innovations. Don’t forget to come back to tomorrow for our final spotlight.

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