Back in February (wow that really seems like an eternity ago), I was reading one of my favourite (okay, so I’m obessed with it) sites, Young House Love in particular their Burning Question: Collection Connection. Initially I thought to myself ‘No, that’s not us, we don’t really collect anything’ clearly, I spoke too soon on that one. There are two things that we started collecting by accident. The first is whatever new country or city we go to, we try and pick up a fridge magnet. Why, I have no idea but it started and now we can’t stop.

The second collective item is what brings us to todays spotlight, which also happens to tie in quite nicely with our summer series. It may seem an odd collection to have but we are now slightly obsessed and everywhere we go we are on the look out for . . . icecube trays. I told you it sounded odd, but these are no ordinary ice cube trays, these are from Fred.

Fred, is an awesome company that takes ordinary household items and makes them extraordinary. Putting faces on your food, pants on your pepper and gum on your fridge, each item is unique, quirky and a perfect fit for our household.

Here’s some of our favourites.

Gin & Titonic by Fred

Gin & Titonic – we’ve got this one.

Bone Chillers by Fred

Bone Chillers – and this one.

Cool Jazz by Fred

Cool Jazz – this one too

Feet First - Finish Line by Fred

Feet First: Finishing Line – A great way to brighten up your front door.

Tea Cupcakes by Fred

Tea Cupcakes – I love making cupcakes, so much so that for last years Movember entry, I made over 400 of them to help raise money for men’s health issues.

M Cups by Fred

M Cups – Matt, if you’re reading this, these are on my Christmas wish list

Pizza Boss 3000 by Fred

Pizza Boss 3000 – Blast your way through pizza dough with the Pizza Boss 3000. Slicing will never be the same again.

Fill Er Up by Fred

Fill’ Er Up – With fuel prices rising, saving your pennies for each tank is smart choice, so why not let Fred help you out.

Finger Food by Fred

Finger Food – Such a clever and simple idea and perfect for summer time cocktail parties.

Pick Your Nose - Party Animals by Fred

Pick Your Nose: Party Animal – We have these and they really do look hilarious when you drink from them. Great for kids parties.

Spilt Milk by Fred

Spilt Milk – Why cry over spilt milk when you can eat from it? This one is definately going on my wishlist.

Unzipped by Fred

Unzipped – I love the way they’ve taken a simple everyday object and made it something so unique and quite stylish. Another one for the wishlist.

Why do Fred products work so well? Because they take the mundane out of everyday tasks. It’s such a joy going into the freezer to take out some ice cubes because we never know if we’ll end up with a space invader, diamond or an ice kabob. It’s the simple joy of having a laugh as you watch it swimming around in your glass and then watch it melt.

Images from Fred.

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