Today’s spotlight is all about the super talented lighting designer Daniel Becker. While some of you may not have heard of him we’re here to point out why you should and why his name will be big in lighting design.

He takes the simplest of ideas and turns them into elegant, unique products that we’d love to have in our home, office and anywhere else we need lights. I love the simplcitity of taken the idea of a water droplet and turning it into a piece of glowing art dangling eleganty from your ceiling. Thanks to LED technology the droplet can hang danility whilst still lighting up the room in an efficient way.

We’re on a bit of an origami kick at the moment, which you’ll read more about in an upcoming post, so when we saw these we immediately thought of them as little flying origami dishes. While I’m not a huge fan of dangling cords, I’d have to have them taught, I do love how simple this light is. The adorable wooden frame acting like the puppet master to its army of origami, clean use of colour and the dantiness of the wiring, what’s not to love.

While the danity lights above are gorgeous, this big bold tealight disco ball is stricking. I mean really, who would have thought to turn all those empty tealight holders into actual working lights? A brilliant idea. Maybe IKEA need to hire Daniel to help reuse al their tealights sold?

So have we proved to you that Daniel Becker is a name you’ll remember when it comes to lighting design? Now the only problem is convincing hubby that we really need all three lights!

Images from Daniel Becker.

Psst: We’re not paid or perked to post this, we just fell in love with those little origmai lights that we couldn’t help finding out more about Daniel and his lights and because they were so great, we had to share them with you.

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