I don’t know why but for some reason, I love the idea of halloween. Maybe it’s because as an Australia we don’t celebrate halloween so it could be one of those ‘if you can’t have it, you want it’ things.

Anyway, to play my part in the spooky festivities, here are some uniquely spookish pumpkins for you to check out.

We start of course with the more traditional looking scary pumpkin, with his triangle eyes and nose and jagged smile that’s sure to give a little fright.

This is really pretty and quite eery at the some time. I love that the colours have been reversed so for those who want something to suite their decor a little more than bright orange, this could be a good option that’s cheap and simple and only needs some white paint.

For the movie buff in you, this is a great way to show off your favourite film. Choose your favourite scary movie character and get carving.

Kind of gross but so funny, I love this little guy.

If you’re feeling patriotic, then maybe this is the carving for you.

This carving amazes me, how on earth did someone create such an amazingly intricate pattern? It’s beautiful.

Scary but funny. I love the worried look on the small pumpkin and the giant fangs on te large one.

Similar to the one above but looking a lot scarier particularly with those evil eyes.

So there you have it, some my my favourite carved pumpkin finds.

Images from TLC, Ronley BA, Genius Beauty, All Melanie, Daves Daily, Aniszczyk, Blogabilla and Craft Jr.

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