Last week I posted a few interesting items I found in LEED Materials A Resource Guide To Green Building, you can check them out here, here and here, and then following on from yesterdays post about countertops it got me looking at the book again. I have seen the normal marble and granite tops and also the remade versions that Lisa showed but never a sparkly one with metal flakes in it – enter Alkemi. They make recycled worktops but instead of adding glass or stone they use aluminium flakes from machine workshops, you know all that aluminium you see just going into the rubbish bin? I am not sure about the look in a kitchen, I think the flakes are a little to blingy in a way and you could get sick of it after a while but maybe for a wet bar in a games room.

While we’re talking all things green and eco, it’s seems a good idea to share some more finds from what’s becoming my favourite book.

In an ideal world we’d all have solar panels on the roof but they can be a little boring so if you’re not happy with boring flat solar panels on the roof, don’t worry as there is a spherical solar panel by Sphelar Dome. Pretty cool aren’t they, it would be like having your own version of the Selfridges store in Birmingham but with the added bonus of making your own electricity. Stylish, function and green sounds perfect to me.

Follow the glass brick road? With Glass Ore bricks from TGP you can. Now in a wierd way I have always liked glass bricks but they have always looked dated but Glass Ore bricks have a modern twist with a nice matt finish and they look nice when backlight.

Thankfully these days designing your home with ecological features in mind no longer equates to living in a hippie commune. In fact eco design has become it’s own designer label and there are some pretty unique items out there like these funky recycled furniture pieces from Reestore. Sure they’re a little pricey but from shopping trolley chair to a bath tub chaise lounge, the products show just how cool being green can be.

While on the lookout for replacement materials that are better for you I have been trying to find something other than MDF or plywood and the book has wood boards made from sunflower seed, these are made by Van Beeks. They look like a large strand version of MDF and even have a little funky pattern in the middle.

If you want something that has an even more unique pattern these stunning looking boards from Kirei use of Sorghum straw really are unique. You could use it for walls, cupboards or anywhere you’d want a unique finish.

So what do you think of our little eco roundup? Some pretty unique stuff in there, now all we need is to find some land to build a home that can utilise some of these great finds.

Images from Alkemi, Oh Gizmo, Glass Ore, Reestore, Van Beeks and Kirei.

Psst: Just a reminder that we’re not paid or perked to mention any of these companies, we just really liked their products and wanted to share them with you.

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