I have been doing a few posts on furniture recently, some of it was fueled by the Milan Salon and the other because of the couple of days walking around London. Most accessible design seems to be home interior based when it comes to shops. Going on from these posts I thought I would look at fabric and the associated things to go with it, such as cushions.

I found this Argentina company, Fly Design Studio, and just got attracted to the bright bold designs of the print. It’s very graffiti styled but with the happy twist that you don’t normally get.
How many companies would be bold enough to put out the bright pink print that is not for a young girl with ponies on it? But this company has gone out of there way to make this style theirs.

Just look at the cushion above, now thats a lot of colour to have on a cushion, but there is that face in the style with the pink slash eyebrows all backed (mostly) on a yellow background. Then you have the furry edge to it in the deep purple, wicked cool.

Thought it was just for the soft stuff, no way, they have put the same style onto notepads. Its a sort of psychedelic Sesame Street meets Sponge Bob Square Pants but somehow it works.

It also works well on the badges, so I could imagine a few popping up on the odd jacket or backpack around the world on travels. The closest area of design that has this mouch expressionism is either gothic or the manga of Japan, but at the same time those designs don’t look like Fly’s.

The images are from Fly Designs website.

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