As most of you will know, we’ve made the move to Sweden which of course means redirecting the snail mail. While getting ready to put a new label on our mail box, technically not so much of a box more of a hole in the door, it got me thinking about mailbox designs and what’s out there, so as you’ve probably guessed, here’s a few interesting, unique and gorgeous mailboxes.

Blomus – Signo


Source: Blomus

Apex Design – JMA Hardware

Apex Design

Source: JMA Hardware

Slim Letter Box – Serafini

Source: Architonic

Letterbox Lady – Fun Fact

Source: Fun Facts

Surfer Joe

Source: Hardware 2 U

Victorian Pedstal – Mailbox Works

Source: Mailbox Works

Ecco Mailbox – Mailbox Works

Source: Mailbox Works

Knobloch Hollywood – Mailbox Works

Source: Mailbox Works

Pouch Wallmount – Mailbox Works

Source: Mailbox Works

First image from Made by Many.

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