Since we’re in an eco mood today, I”m taking you from the beauty salon to my favourite ‘happy’ place in the home; the kitchen. There are plenty of ways you can green your kitchen these days from growing your own produce, to installing 5 star energy efficient white goods, but there’s one area in the kitchen that gets used over and over but doesn’t get looked at that often for it’s eco potential.

Without a countertop it could be quite difficult to get food prepared, although I guess you could use the dining table but I think we can safely say that a countertop is something that every kitchen has so why not make it green. Now I just want to clarify that we’re not saying you should immediately rip off your current countertop and replace it with this one, but if you are building or renovating a kitchen, why not head down the eco path and get something  that looks great and shouts green?

Eco by Cosentino is a pretty clever product. They take glass bottles, ceramic plates and mirrors, crush them up, mix them with corn oil, mould them and hey presto, an eco countertop. Okay, so there’s probably a little more to the process then that by the idea of taking all those recyclable items and mixing them with other ecological products to create something functional, sounds perfect to me.

Unlike other eco countertop companies I’ve seen that seem to have only two or three colours to choose from, Cosentino have a good selection of colours to choose from, so whether you’re going for a stark white theme or going to the other end of the scale with dark greys and blues, there will be an Eco countertop for you.

For more information, check out Eco by Cosentino.

Images from Eco by Cosentino.

Psst: We’re not paid or perked to write this, we just came across it one day in our never ending home day dreaming and thought we’d share it with you.

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