A couple of weeks back we were in England checking out some of the old world charm of places like Stonghenge and Bath to name a few but we also gave ourselves a day around the much modernised city of Bristol. The drive into Bristol had the usual oohs and ahhs that gorgeous cities normally have but we also spotted a little something different, an office chair with the St Georges cross on it, so naturally after checking into the hotel, we headed out to take a closer look.

The store is Back In Action and it sells posture perfect furniture plus the MBT shoes and Stokke pram and you know how much we love the Stokke. The staff were friendly and approachable and tried to help find out the answers to some questions on the Stokke car seat and while they were doing that we wandered around looking at the great furniture.

In this day and age when most business is done from a desk anybody that does not think long and hard over a good desk environment is setting themselves up for long term trouble, be it a proper large screen to stop eye strain, height adjustable desks or a decent office chair. Yes I know a good chair is expensive but a few trips to the chiropractor, the odd day off with severe back pain let alone all of those 20 second stretches makes the investment in a proper chair pay dividends over time and when you also take into account a good chair will last several years longer than a cheap chair its false economy to go the cheap route; if only more companies thought that way.

What looked like an over sized push bike seat, with its thin seat pad and almost strip like back, the Varier Date was so comfortable I had to make sure I was sitting on one. The back sits nicely, for us, along the spine giving an almost massage like feel to you back. They are nice and minimalist and come in a good range of colours, would be great for giving that open feeling to a meeting room, also they come in a bar stool style, the Varier Eight.

I have tried the Swiss ball and although its really comfy they just move around too much for me, yes having to stop the movement is good for the core but its annoying, but what about the spaceship like Sitness Ball Chair. It has the swiss ball top but comes on a proper base. Also available in a huge range of colours and three different heights.

Think of a timeless classic chair and the Eames would come to mind and the Varier Tok certainly has the lines of the Eames, but a little less slouchy on the back. I particulary like the chrisper lines and the foot stool is sleeker.

The Grahl Duo-Back chair looks a little clusmy as a design with the split back and the little stubby arms, but really how often do you use the arms? Sitting on the chair showed, that really should be felt, the advantages of the split back and thats having the seperate movement of the left to right side. Normally the whole back of the chair has to move and inevitably there are times when only part of your back is then supported. I suppose it all comes down to how much you look at the chair and how much you sit on your chair?

If you need a more normal chair for a conference room then the Varier Penguin is a little intriging prospect as the folded back sort of lets you use them as arms and the cutouts in the back give a nice bit of flexibilty to the back. It again was better on the body than the look would suggest.

Want a different chair to sit and read in well maybe the Varier Peel is for you, it has those seductive cuvres, a nice big base, cute foot stool and a nice big headrest. Lookily the staff were talking to me otherwise I could have fallen asleep in this one all too easily. The cutout in the back also means you can sit sideways easily as well.

All images are from Back In Action.

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