Simon Heijdens is one of the tutors for the RCA Design Products course and has a decent port folio which means he can talk the talk and walk the walk. This must be why the RCA students come out with such a good education over a piece of paper.

The above pictures are from his Lightweeds project that uses a bright projection of nature onto a wall to add texture and visual impact to the setting, but it goes further as when people pass the weeds they move or loose their seeds like real plants. A clever use of lighting that changes the interior without re-decorating.

Shade Simon applies a film to the glass that as the sun moves throughout the day casts differing shadows on the interior. Here in Sweden with the sun moving almost visibly this could be a great addition to a window or entrance. Its a much better idea than just plain glass or a single tinting.

Tree is a similar concept to the Lightweeds but this time its a tree and is projected onto the outsides of buildings, the tree grows throughout the evening helping to light up the area, the leaves fall off and move around with peoples movement. A little whimsical but city centres need a little brightening up these days.

I really like the look of this on the tail ceiling above, again the projection is interactive with the use of the space which adds some dynamic to an otherwise static area of a building.

So maybe next time you think about changing the decor of your room or office you could look at putting some nature back into it with the ideas of Simon.

Just a reminder that Simon has not paid us, given us anything or tried to entice us to show his work we just liked it and wanted to share it with you all.

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