Driving up to this hotel is a rather dull experience. Off the main road you turn into a busy side street and you’re met with a large concrete slab with a small sign letting you know you’ve reached your destination. Its plain facade only fools you for a minute as you start to notice the valet making his way to the Aston Martin parked next to the S class Mercedes. Take a few more steps and the 20ft stainless steel framed glass doors automatically open for you leading you into the most imposing entrance I’ve ever seen.

SIDE entrance reception

You’re meet with height, simplicity, concrete, glass and more concrete which has been styled in a marble effect. White orchids and simple bench seating line the first visible wall. To your left is a clean reception desk with two friendly receptionists waiting to help check you in. Once checked in you step away from the desk and enjoy the view on the way to the elevator.

SIDE entrance

Looking like a hotel built for a James Bond villain, the SIDE hotels concrete and glass structure rises higher and higher and unlike other hotels, you get full exposure to its impressive design from the foyer. We haven’t yet reached the elevator and there is still more to see.

Their restaurant can only be described as a beautiful meat lovers heaven. Aptly named [m]eatery, the restaurant provides a feast for the meat lovers belly and a feast for their eyes even before they enter the restaurant.

SIDE meateaters entrance

With card only access you enter the lift and make your way to your floor. We were lucky enough to be staying on the 10th floor which along with the other few superior doubles, we were surrounded by their super stylish suites. Admittedly we weren’t staying in a suite (we’ll save that for the lotto win) but we did feel pretty fancy each time we were in the elevator and the 10th floor was marked with the word ‘suites’.

We weren’t quite sure what to expect when we booked this hotel because to be honest we booked it very last minute and chose it because the price was excellent and it had parking and internet which were our only two prerequisites, so when we opened the door it was clear that this would have to be shared with the world, or at least with all our lovely readers.

We love good design especially if it’s practical and makes the everyday feel extraordinary, and the SIDE hotel certainly made you feel exclusively special.

SIDE more space

Where to begin? Firstly lets talk about space. Europe is an old continent and back in the day places were small so we have been used to staying in hotel rooms that are a little light on space. This is definately not a problem at SIDE. Even with a big bed and big storage , there was still easily enough room for suitcases, a desk, cosy seating area and any extra holiday shopping bags.

SIDE space

The whole room has been well designed and it’s clear to see that there has been a lot of thought put into it, from the multiple light settings to the high quality Loewe television, but there were three features that really struck a cord with us.

Books on their own are quite beautiful but they don’t always fit into the decor of your room. One way to solve this is to do it the SIDE way by simply taking the sleeves off your hard cover books and replacing them with coloured paper to match your colour palette. Okay, so it means that now you can’t tell which book is which but they do look pretty and in a hotel room which only contains four books, it’s a great touch which goes to show the effort they’ve gone to to keep the design features of the room. Apologies here, it was very late and we were very sleepy when taking these photos so we forgot to get a shot of the books, but you can check out a similar idea here.

SIDE unique wardrobe

While we’re in the area of the books, lets check out our next favourite feature which is the highly styled and practical storage system.We’re all for straight lines but if a curve approaches us we’re all for it and this is definately one system we’re all for.

When closed it’s smart and sleek but open it up and your confronted with more space than you’ll normally see in a hotel room. There’s hanging space, a well stocked mini bar and LOTS of shelves.

SIDE wardrobe clothes

SIDE wardrobe fridge

If you read our feature on the Phyto Purification Bathroom you’ll know the sort of bathroom I dream of and while the bathroom in our room wasn’t my dream bathroom it did have on feature which impressed us. The humble toilet. Usually just a practical item which gets forgotten about in most bathroom designs, but this toilet was a little more special. It didn’t have any special tricks, and wasn’t even particularly comfortable to use but it gave the bathroom a clean and uniformed look that we couldn’t help but take pictures of it and show it off.

SIDE toilet closed

SIDE toilet open

Isn’t that a cool hotel? Would we stay here again, definately! It was such a nice relaxing space  that it was sad that we only spent one night there. You can check out more about the SIDE hotel here, and if you’ve stayed here before or if you’ve been lucky enough to stay in one of their suites, we’d love to know about your experience.

Images 1, 2 & 3  from the SIDE hotel all the rest from us.

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