If you are a regular reading of Oddity News you will know that we have quite a collection of ice-cube trays, see here and here, and for once I never added to it but I did get these wine cooler bags. Such a good idea, just think you are off to a friends for dinner and have got that nice bottle of white wine all chilled then because it takes you an hour to get there the bottle is warm, whats the point? Well this bag you just freeze and it acts as a nice cooler for that bottle of wine, cordial or lemonade and with the handles on top mean you won’t drop the wet bottle either. Win’s all around. I have found them in the internet such as at this site.

The ever increasing need to have powered items and the assorted power cables can drive me mad, we are all for hiding them out the way or cable tying them together but then it makes it hard to find which of the little, errrm, plugs is for which device! But I also found these Plugtag’s from Alifedesign and snapped up a set to help us out. There are lots of tags out there, or tape and pen work, but these just looked so good with the colours and white symbols on them, but now I have to crawl under the desk and put them on with out banging my head.

We have been looking at kiddies stuff because of several reasons but I also saw these wall hooks from Creatables, thanks for the picture, and thought they look adorable with the smiley face of the driver and the detail. They also make a version that is in the form of an excavator. I never brought any of them but was very tempted.

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