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We’ve been blogging for sometime now and with running a blog and being the creative type, there’s always going to be site revamps. At the moment we are doing exactly that, we’ve got a whole new webspace coming soon that we’re super busy putting together. this week task was to move all our 300+ posts from one wordpress site to their new home, wordpress have made it an incredibly easy tasks thanks to their export/import functions so that part was easy to take care of.

Once I’d installed all the posts, I began taking a look at some of the early posts we’d put together and as with everything in life, things change and evolve and certainly our style or writing and presentation has changed and now looking at these older posts while the content was still good, the presentation wasn’t at it’s best. Since I’m always going on about building a strong brand, and how even the smallest things should carry your brand, we made the decision to pull these from the new site.

Panic moment I know! “Did she really take content off the blog?” “Is she crazy?”

For us, everything we put out into the world from Quirk Design, we feel needs to belong to our brand and vision. Not having deleted them permanently, they will sit in to-be-reviewed status until we get the opportunity to sort through them, clean up the images and just do a general spring clean of the blog.

How do you decide what stays and what goes?

This can be tricky. It’s like clearing your old bedroom at your parents place, do I really need that diary from year 10? Will those cool sand shoes you coloured with puff paint suddenly become a fashion must-have? We’d poured a lot of hours into our blog and to suddenly decide that our past writings weren’t good, or no longer necessary was a little heart-breaking. One thing that helped a lot was redesigning the blog. You see when we first moved across to WordPress from iWeb, the version we were on didn’t have things like Featured Post Image, or other fancy template items, so the posts that moved across were a million times better than their iWeb counterpart but with passing versions they no longer had the spark that newer posts would.

This made the selection process quite simple, we started from the very first post and “unpublished” all the way through to the posts where formatting had hit perfection.

Aren’t you worried about losing readers and subscribers?

Not at all. In fact we think because we’re taking the time to make sure every post is published with the same level of detail and care, we believe we’ll keep and increase our readership. Don’t forget we haven’t gotten rid of the posts, they’re just in maintenance mode as we slowly clean them up and make them gorgeous.

Should I do the same with my blog?

Each to their own I say. I certainly think it doesn’t hurt to look about at some of your older content and make sure that it still olds relevance to the blog you are now. If you’re just starting out blogging and you want to make it a long lasting site, then take the time to have a think about what you want your blog to say. How do you want it branded?

I have a logo is that what you mean by branding?

Yes a logo is a key component to your brand but it doesn’t stop there. Your brand encompasses so much more and starts with you. Particularly when it comes to blogging, your voice is part of your brand. A long time ago we decided that the way we write will be the way we talk. Now I know that sounds strange, especially since most blogs are written in the writers voice, but you have to remember back in the dark ages when we started blogging, the majority were written in very journalistic speak, whilst that provided a very structured, clean and monotone post we felt that it didn’t allow readers to hear our voices, our emotions or most importantly our passions. These are the things that should come through your writing when blogging and they reiterate your brand.

The look and feel of your posts is also important which is one of the main reasons we are not only redesigning our website, blog and shop but also removing and editing the parts that no longer tie in with our brand. As a new blogger, choose a structure that works for you and stick with it. Consistency is key and WILL make a difference to your blogging success.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not saying that a brand new blogger needs to have everything written out in stone before even starting to blog, but if you do already have an idea of the type of blog and/or brand you are trying to establish, then use those ideas from the start.

Now, since I’ve been talking about this redesign, I thought it was only right I share a little sneak peek with you.

Our redesign sneak peek

What do you think? We’re pretty in love with it especially some of the new fancy features it’s got but more on that soon, for now don’t forget to sign up to our weekly newsletter to find out all the latest from us. Oh and in case you needed us to sweeten the deal, you might want to sign up soon as we’ve got a special newsletter edition on it’s way.

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