So I thought the Friday was a good day but Saturday ws even better, well it started good by seeing Mark Webber taking pole in the F1, then it was off to Kensington to look at more design inspiration and buy did I find a few good shops. Admittedly I also saw a McLaren SLR convertible with pimped wheels and gem stones in the wheels, I would have taken a photo but I could not lower the standard of this blog to put it on here.

Well I got out of the tube station and headed past the V&A and into Skandium to look at what is classed as Scandinavian in the UK and there was some great pieces and one chair in particular stood out the red Womb chair by Knoll. A lot of the other pieces were the normal fair and it was a shame not to see some of the more bespoke pieces considering the area it is in.

Next it was into Few and Far and I would have loved to have got some of the huge glass jars that they had but I don’t think the luggage allowance would have been OK. But the most interesting part of this shop was almost missed and that was at the back there is a staircase leading down to Crest. I had a good look around and then Peter Gandy and I had a good chat about design and why their in the basement of Few and Far it was a good chat. But some of the pieces I really liked were the Extens cabinet, above, and Ribbon stool. So if you are around I would recommend heading down the stairs to Crest.

Three great store’s and I have only just started. Out the door and around the corner to Found, which was tucked away in a courtyard and had a few little pieces but nothing that truly stood out to me.

But next door was Mint and that was a different matter before I even got through the door. There was the cute lights that looked like cats with the head being the light (the picture at the start of this post) and also a table on bike wheels, now thats mobile. Further in was some wooden furniture that could have been salvaged from a house fire and then lacquered, shown above, they look far better than the description. There was also a nice rope that was illuminated from the inside by Christian Haas.

Where next well along the Brompton Road and into Skitsch and after a chat with Gary he showed me the wood lamps that are good for both inside and outdoors but also the top teak strips can be rotated to give an angled light shade or a vertical version or alternating if you wish, take a look here. They also had some Aka chairs that had wooden legs with a plastic seat and the neon yellow just stood out as it really brought out the colour of the wood. There is a huge collection of things so I might add more from the catalogue in a coupe of weeks.

Not far down the road there was the B&B Italia showroom that is a great piece of design in it’s own right with a long gallery and a roof that curves down, just look at the photo. I was really liking the partition walls shown in the photo but on closer inspection the finish was quite rough which was disappointing.

A little further down the road was Heal’s and they had a much bigger range of products but a little more generic. It was interesting to see that they stocked Ligne Roset, a post on them coming soon, and it almost seemed out of place in this shop. But there was a broad range of items from kictchen, bathroom and kids items so a bit of everything for everyone.

Also on Kings Road was Welchome which is opposite Bluebird, they specialise in Italian sustainable design and it’s a small shop. Over the road to Bluebird to look in the shop, I saw it on Mary Queen Of Shops, and its a good funky clothes shop but unfortunately catered mostly to women on this visit.

A little further down the road I saw a tea shop and stopped for a well earned earl grey and toasted chicken sandwich. I took some cake away for later, got a little squished in the bag but cakes cake so I will still eat it, its called The Chelsea Teapot and seemed to do a lot of cake orders.

That was the Saturday gone and it was time for the long trip back home.

I would like to thank Jodi at Mint for the photos.

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