A couple of days ago I did a post on some cushions from Argentina, read it here, and this time I found some nice designs from Russia from the company Dopludo. What is more Russian that a Babushka and the 9 above are a nice print design of the Babushka. They have the look of South Park characters but with a little more style.

But the designs that took my eye were when they put them on cushions, just take the designs above, its a simple design with just 4 colours. The owl on the left has that happy look but the eyes look so sleepy. The same colours are used on the right and it echos what I think is the front side owl, it uses the same connected dots to great effect.

This cushion has a wild life scene, there is a wolf I think and birds in the tree. The design does not conform to the normal as that would have been green and cuddly, whereas the use of the cold blue colour makes for a nice change.

Need a cushion with many different motifs on it, well this has a lot from the whale to the parachuting key and they even managed to add their name discreetly at the top. Maybe a few more colours would have been good but I could not tell if they made this in other colour palettes, which would be easy.

But these pillows are perfect, I think the messages are great. I mean how many people have cried into the pillow, well now the pillow is your friend. Maybe the pillow is the modern dream catcher which possibly gave them the inspiration for the bottom design.

Dopludo have a load of other designs and illustrations on the website so head over and take a look.

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