Ever find yourself driving past a building or shop and think to yourself ‘I really need to go in there one day’. Well today we finally went into the store we’ve been eying for quite some time. Vos Interieur is one of those places where you know you should have left your wallet at home unless of course you’ve just won the lottery, but it was well worth the visit and we just had to share some of their goods. For those of you not in North Holland, you can visit their website to see their full range. Admittedly their website is all in Dutch but it’s still worth having a look through it.

Vos Interieur - curved roof

The building itself was pretty stunning made from concrete, wood, steel and glass.

Vos Interieur - building structure

Split over four levels, there was no shortage of inspiration.

Vos Interieur - stairwell

Ever feel like your armchair just isn’t in the right area, why not test drive this little baby. A three wheeled armchair complete with lamp.

Vos - roller chair with lamp

Maybe you want to add a little more love to your room. Now you can with this heart reflecting light. The lightbulb inside shines up to a heart shaped mirror which then reflects back on to the wall

Vos Interieur - Heart Light

What if music is your thing and all you’ve ever dreamed about was being a DJ. Well fear not my musical genius, we have the perfect coffee table for you. This glass printed coffee table will have your friends fooled.

Vos Interieur - record player coffee table

With the hectic pace of life and the stressful environments we live in these days, sometimes you just need to get away from it all. This sweet glass fibre cabin fitted with a table and chair will keep the stress away. {Cheesy smile not included}

Vos Interieur - blue cubby house

Vos Interieur - cheesy grin

Perhaps your an animal fan but your landlord won’t allow you to have pets. A duck side table could be the perfect compromise and as a bonus, you never have to clean up any nasty messes, except of course if you spill something.

Vos Interieur - Duck side table

Is bread delivery your game? Do you find your place is filled with empty bread creates crying out for a DIY fix? I think we’ve just solved your problem. Check out this cabinet.

Vos Interieur - bread crate drawers

Speaking of cabinets, how about this for a wacky bookshelf

Vos Interieur - Room divider

Or maybe you’d prefer something a little less busy.

Vos Interieur - Round Bookcase

Well that’s it folks, that concludes our tour of Vos Interieur. Don’t forget to check out their website for more fabulous furniture.

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