Okay, I know, and yes sometimes my Aussie roots come out but can you blame me, it’s bbq season and we do love a good barbie. So in keeping with our summertime posts, todays is all about some of the coolest barbeques.

In our previous place we had a tiny balcony as our outdoor space but we did manage to grow tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, raspberries, spring onions and a whole lot of other vegetables. We also managed to squeeze in a table, a couple chairs but when it came to a bbq, we were running out space so we had to remember two key things, small and tabletop.

It turns out there was one other thing we didn’t think of…rails. That’s right, we already had planter boxes hanging off the balcony  rail, so why not hang a bbq off it too.

Bruce BBQ

Bruce BBQ Balcony Grill
Crisp and simple, this bbq would have done the job perfectly. If it’s not big enough to handle your big bbq bashes, then you could always add another.
Where can I get one? After much hunting around we think you may have to contact the manufacturer Astor Wohnideen to buy one.
What’s your honest opinion? I love the idea of this, especially if the only outdoor space you have is a balcony, but I do have one issue with it’s design. We lived up on the 8th floor and imagine your relaxing on your balcony on one of the lower floors and suddenly it starts raining sausages. Although funny for others, you might be a little sad when your food flies off the grill because there is no shield to stop this.

Baja BBQ Firestarter

Baja BBQ Firepack
What does every charcoal bbq need to work? Charcoal of course. Designed by Mike and Maaike for Lazzari, this clever recycled and biodegradable firestarter lights instantly and uses it’s integrated chimney to burn out to become perfect hot coals in only 15 – 20 minutes. But that’s not the best bit, this eco friendly design means that you don’t need to use any lighter fluids or other yucky chemicals. Brilliant.
Where can I get one? Although the images state that they are available for purchase, we can’t seem to find where to buy them, but we’ll keep an eye out and let you all know if we find them.
What’s your honest opinion? We think this is a great product, not only because of it’s eco credentials but because it’s only one package, there’s no more rifeling through a bag of coal, this makes for a super neat bbq. Sounds perfect to me.

Blitz Grill

Blitz Grill
Not wanting to do things by halves, the Blitz Grill is a powerful 8.8kw bbq able to conquer a small family bbq or a large corporate event. What’s really great about the Blitz Grill is that it can be set up in just 5 minutes making it ideal for a stylish gathering. Although there’s no details about how it packs up and down, by looking at it’s design we’re guessing that the fabric cover easily comes of to fold down flat, the grill plates comes off and then the four legs detach to leave the main square part.
Where can I get one? Radius Design
How much is it? €449.00
What’s your honest opinion? It’s certainly one of the most stylish bbqs we’ve seen. It covers up the usually ugly gas canister which gives it plenty of styling points. It’s not the cheapest but if it’s looks you’re after then this is one to check out.

Want some more summertime ideas to help you eat and cool down in style? check out the Boxsal and our other fabulous choices for picnic baskets, or if you’re having trouble keeping cool in this heat, have a look at these ideas.

Images from WikipediaGeekologie, Green Upgrader and Radius Design.

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