Yesterday I showed you the Light-room project from Studio Geenen that used rapid prototyping techniques to make light weight furniture but today I am going to show you a range of products that could only really be made using these new machines.

Materialise have been making parts since 1990 and in 2004 set up MGX to make consumer products. If you are not aware of the Technology have a look at the video. But onto the products.

Both the Chaos above and the Quin, the heading picture, show the amazing level of detail that you can get from the process. The softer glow of as the light goes through the material to all the little holes that allow small beams of light to be cast onto walls makes these two lights spectacular.

The Bloom light has moving petals which gives you the ability to open or close the light almost like a dimmer switch.  I love the shadows from the internal parts of the light that are shown on the outside when its closed.

The Gamete is a lovely curving design that reminds me of a melting candle. There is so much detail in the light shade that would find something new in it for ages.

The Black_Honey is a fruit bowl which really could be a part of some bee hive, it curves and bends to add another dimension to the hexagonal base shape. If this was on a crisp shiny white table it would look stunning.

The last piece I want to show you is the table Fractal that has a look of wood with an almost tree like legs but is so man made, well a machine makes it actually but you get the point, and something that is very modern. How well it will age in the design field I am not sure but you will never tire of looking at it.

Go to there website to see all the products they make.

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