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Every now and then we come across a company that makes the everyday make sense.

Poppy! What could be more simple than feeding your dogs, making a pour-over coffee or giving your baby a bottle of formula? Three quite simple acts that usually (in our household anyway) ends with at least one or all of us covered in food, burning our arms testing the formula temperature, or with dry dog food being thrown all over the place thanks to a toddler who just wants to help out at dog feeding time.


Whilst we may no longer be suckers for the burnt-arm syndrome, we will hopefully head down the newborn path again someday and knowing that this little, simple and very stylish product is out there just makes me feel like all our troubles will melt away and we won’t even care if  we’re waking every two hours to feed the little milk machine. If the Poppy formula can do everything for me at the touch of a button, or a swipe of an iPhone app, I’m one happy mumma!


Love our dogs dearly, as does our Mr H who thinks it’s the best thing ever playing in the food bowls, scooping extra food out of the container for them and just generally making a whopping great mess. Whilst the Poppy Dog won’t stop him from attempting to empty the entire contents while he hand feeds each tiny piece, equally mind you, to both dogs, it will tell me when the food has been tipped over (very likely!) or is empty. Since it holds a standard 9kg bag of dry food, under a locked lid, we can at least know that for a week or so well have only a tiny amount of dry food spillage all over the floor.


A coffee machine that looks great! Need I say more!! I may not need too but I come from a long line of talkers and I’m married to another of a long line of talkers, so I’m going to say more.

Back before our world became about poohy nappies, endless amounts of washing and the general craziness that is children, we enjoyed the simple pleasure that was waking up on a lazy Sunday afternoon (that’s right little man, mummy and daddy used to sleep!) and brewing a perfect cup of coffee in our own espresso machine. It never got tiresome, dull, or “normal” it always felt so special using your own two hands and what small amount of knowledge the sales woman and youtube vieos provided on making an espresso that made you smile everytime. Then along came the spawn! Don’t get me wrong, I love him, he’s brilliant, makes me laugh and smile everyday at how extraordinary he is but for the LOVE OF GOD(!!!) I want a perfect coffee from home again that is delicious and simple (insert foolproof) so that when you’re trying to wrestle a baby and two puppies from destroying things and make a coffee at the same time, you only need one button.

Let me introduce you to the Poppy Pour-Over. She’s stunning! She knows what I like, knows how I like it and will even shop it for me. For starters how can you possible go wrong with copper and glass, I know perfect isn’t she. But wait, she’ll order your beans for you, know how to grind them perfectly and have your coffee ready for the time of your choosing. Now if only she’d do the washing, ironing and everything in between, I’d have the perfect maid.

As yet these products aren’t ready for purchase, but don’t you worry as soon as I know, you’ll know or better yet head to their website and join their mailing list to be kept in the loop.

We have not been paid or perked to write this, we just loved it and thought you should know about it.

All images from Poppy

Lisa Lloyd

I'm a graphic designer, blogger, print maker and lover of food. I love working with small businesses and making their branding shine.When I'm not in front of the computer, I'm hanging out with the coolest people I know (the hubby, the toddler and two puppies).

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