Last week I looked at a couple of package designs, a vodka bottle and a cask wine, this got me searching other neat bottle usage that most people will touch and the most expressive is the perfume or aftershave bottle. The variety of shapes is astounding and that comes from the less constrained cost issues of the packaging but also the fact that they have to convey the brand of the perfume far  more visually. When you go into a perfume store there are literally hundreds of bottles to choose from and they are all trying to grab your attention.

You have the Chanel No5, its a classic shaped bottle that really defines the elegance that Chanel stands for a timeless classic if you will. This is a brand image that is not just constrained to the fragrance section of the brand but is a core value,

Jean Paul Gaultier has never been shy at coming forward and is a more evocative brand, more sexy if you will. This really does get shown off in the shape of the human formed bottles of Jean Paul Gaultier. There are not many brands that could get away with a human form figure without being classed as crude but the bottle designs are more elegant that and that comes also down to the use of texture and printing of the glass.

The simple elengance of the Izzy Miziaki bottles is almost the contrast to the other brands. The taller form and the smooth lines adhere more to the Chanel look but have a very different appearance. The Chanel bottle has a distinct bottle and top whereas the Izzy Miyake top flows from the bottle form creating a seamless design, even if the materials are different. I think helps reiterate the simple fragrance of the product.

Diesel and Hugo Boss have tried to show a butch bottle by giving it the aluminium caps and the denim covers. The more masculine look maybe stems for the original clothing lines and keeps to that more sophisticated street wear look that the cloths can have. But take the bottle above its wrapped in the denim bag to reiterate the collections name but on the shelfs of a fragrance store that stands out by not being a glass bottle you see.

But the best reinforcement of content, name and bottle has to be DKNY’s use of the apple to sell the fruity fragrance ‘Be Delicious’. They have almost made a little sub-brand with this range and it now comes in 7 different versions and seems to be expanding all the time. But the fact that there are so many varieties of apple and that not even before you get to the likes of toffee apples etc that maybe this was a very clever image to use.

Like the wine bottles it can be a fine line between standing out and marketing the product, some companies manage to walk the fine line very well.

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