Luke Pearson of Pearson Lloyd is a tutor at the RCA and when you see the bredth of there work you really do understand why the RCA courses are held in such high regard around the world.

Its seems uncanny at times what we post crops up soon after on an unrelated hunt for something, for example not long ago Lisa posted about plane interiors, here, and Pearson Lloyd have done plane interiors for Virgin Atlantic and Lufthansa but I was looking because of the RCA yearbook.

Just look at this Serenis shower unit they did for Ideal Standard, a nice curved glass wall with the integrated overhead and hand held shower heads with almost no visable plumming. Neat.

The Classicon Pomona may look like an apple but its a blown white glass light with the stork being the dimmer, a nice clear shape which I think would look best in a corner for background lighting. I beleave its no longer in production which is a shame.

The other light of thiers I like is the Revolve for Bernhardt which has this sleek white base and the lovely chrome stem holding the light.

By the way we don’t get paid to bring you the great design’s we just love it.

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