One of the unique perks of living in a foreign country is all the weird, wacky and sometimes good tv shows you get to watch. Yes I know there’s plenty more perks to living abroad but watching tele in a foreign country rates highly for me, although not as high as going to supermarkets in different countries, I”m odd but I just love seeing what people eat and trying to understand what’s written on the package. Unlike living in an English speaking country where your tv shows are up to date because nothing needs time to be dubbed or subtitled, things can take a little more time in other countries and it’s interesting to see what each country likes to watch. Anyway, I’m blabbing on a bit here but to show you how far behind somethings are, I caught an episode of House & Home from 2004. Now you might be thinking, that’s not that old, what’s this crazy lady talking about, but when you think we’re now in 2011, that’s 7-8 years old, depending on when it was filmed, when you consider how much has changed in both home design and technology it seems like 15 years to 20 years old.

I checked out their website today, you know to get an idea of what the modern House & Home was like and thankfully they we’re up to date with the world so no scary 70’s shag pile carpets or 80’s neon lights and what struck my fancy was their list of top paint colours for 2011.

I love colour and I can’t wait until we’re in our own home that we can pain any colours we want on the walls but in the meantime we’re keeping an eye out for the colours we’d love to try and those we’d want to avoid, so I was quite keen on checking out their colour palette.

I have to say I was slightly disappointed. Although it’s a lovely palette of colours, and all surprisingly complimentary, there’s something a little lacking and not nearly as daring as I expected it to be. Sure neutral beige tones, and the bold edwardian blue, red and green are nice but it looks a little dated to me. Where is the striking pinks we’re seeing more often in home decor these days, what about yellow, I’ve seen all shades of yellow turn up in magazines, blogs and on tv, it seems that this is the top list for those who want to start using colour but are a little skeptical or a little hesitant. There’s nothing wrong with that, I’m all for experimenting with colour, starting small with cushions, rugs and decorative items and when it comes to paint, it can always be painted over if it doesn’t work, but I wonder if as a source for inspiration and ideas, whether House & Home should have taken a bolder step to help ignite some creative colour passion from their readers? Maybe it’s just me, what do you guys think?

What would I choose as the colour palette for 2011? For us personally and professional 2011 is a big year for us, full of changes, possibilities and happiness, so I would definitely need to choose colours that embrace those feelings but can still be tastefully used without looking like a rainbow.

Whites, greys and bursts of happy colours, for me this colour palette is perfect but I’d love to know what you think? Too many colours? Not enough colours? Have you designed a colour palette of your own? Why not leave us a comment and let us know all about it.

First image from House & Home, paint colours are all from Olympic.

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