At the recent Geneva motor show the little car company of Pagani released the Huayra, second in their collection. Its a visual treat on the outside, inside, and if you’re a geeky engineer like me, you’ll love what’s under the skin. But what I am most impressed about is how Pagani have successfully managed to keep the design DNA without copying the Zonda, their first, whilst making the whole car a more mature, evolved design.

What is the Pagani DNA? I would have to say the headlights as they are the eyes of a car, that 4 exit exhaust, the lower side air intake and the tapering roof line to the centre of the tail section above the exhaust.

You could recognise the Huayra as a Pagani straight away because of these details, but the overall surfacing is a far more mature design, smoother like a fine wine. Take the side shape of the car before there was a crease line where the front wheel volume attached to the side of the car, on the new car that has been blended into a more coherant surface. The dynamic form is now added with an airvent for the front wheel and the Audi-eske line along the top of the body side.

Then there is the new addtion of the moving surfaces that remove the need for visable wings while still keeping the cars downforce levels high.

At the back the taillights are all the same showing a more single design language rather than the Zondas more-is-more design. They all have a red ring with the clear centre, and when you look closer the hexagonal shapes of the clear centre is the same as the vent grills behind the engine.

But why should we expect anything else its been 12 years since the Zonda was first introduced and people mature so why not the design, its still a great looking car thats individual.

Zonda and Huayra images from Autoblog.

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