Well I guess it’s only fair that our first entry is all about our newly designed website and branding.

Some of you may remember our older site, which quite frankly was starting to look a little dated, but with a brand new year and with the hope of keeping some of this years resolutions, we promised ourselves that we would update the tired looking site and bring ourselves into 2010 with a new fresh look.

We are constantly looking for new ways to do things, and asking odd questions like why can’t I put a rocket on my car or why does a ball have to be round? Although some of our thoughts maybe well beyond the borders of odd, we always try to ‘think outside the box’, after all nothing is impossible.

This is where the idea for our new logo came in to be. Although we wanted to represent the ‘outside the box’ idea, we didn’t want to literally put our name outside of a box, which is why we created the yellow ‘Q’.

Simplicity is often the best and that’s a principle we like to stick too, but we also like to be different and looking around at other companies branding helped us to choose a colour scheme which was not a common colour set among companies, which works perfectly for us.

We’d love some feedback, so give us your comments.

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