We all dream of the perfect house but we also dream of the perfect office and after seeing the office of Nicolas Tye Architects, I’m sure I’ve died and gone to heaven. Wow is all I can say! No wait, I think there are a few more words like stunning! amazing! gorgeous! outstanding! magnificent….should I go on?

I could easily work or live in a place designed like this, it’s been so wonderfully thought out with its large windows to accommodate natural light and it’s stunningly deep coloured wood finishes allowing it to blend yet still stand out in its surroundings. What a wonderful place it must be to work in? We’ve always been firm believers that a great looking and well designed workplace makes for uber-productive staff, so if that’s true, this place must be churning out designs faster than they can dream them up.

Enough chit chat from me, time to share this stunning office.

Images from Office Snapshots with photography by Nerida Howard.

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