I’m pretty sure that anyone who has heard of IKEA, Sweden, Design or IKEA Hacking has already come across these beauties. Pretty Pegs are giving IKEA furniture a little fancy footing (pun most definitely intended :) ). Unsurprisingly these ultra stylish, fun furniture legs come directly from the land of IKEA, ABBA and Rekorderlig Cider. They can be used on a multitude of IKEA furniture brining them to life and making them a little more Yours and a little less IKEA.

We currently have the Karlstad sofabed and matching armchairs (by the way if you’re after seriously comfortable, curl up on a lazy sunday type of armchair, these are the babies for you), and I am dying to change the legs; the only problem being, which ones do I choose?? Maybe you guys can help?

Here are my top Prettypegs picks:

Prettypegs - Astrid

Astrid: In bright yellow of course because I figure you can never have enough yellow in your world. Plus against this sofa cover I’m wanting it would look a dream. I love how although these tapper off at the bottom, they still look nice and stocky where they touch the sofa.

Prettypegs - Carl

Carl: Sleek, modern and timeless particularly in the dark birch I love the simplicity of these pegs. If you wanted to make them a little more funky, I’d go for the light wood with black trim.

Prettypegs - Estelle

Estelle: The problem with Estelle is she has too many gorgeous colour choices to choose from that I’d be wanting to change the legs every week. Again it has the same timeless shape as Carl, but with a little added bling, making it so versatile that it could be used on modern sofas through to vintage cabinets. She even comes in some sweet patterned designs to keep things a little edgy.

Prettypegs - Otto

Otto: I can’t go past this site without taking another look at little Otto and his gorgeous roundness showing off the Aneboda wardrobe. Is that not adorable. How cute would Otto’s legs look in a kids room?

So there you have it; a beautiful collection of legs to brighten up your IKEA furniture. Check out the Prettypegs website for more. In case you’re wondering, yes they ship worldwide and it’s for FREE!

Images from Prettypegs

Psst: We have not been paid or perked for this post we just love these legs and wanted to share them with you.


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