We’re talking again people but this time it’s not the house paint we spoke about here, it’s the paint for the twinkling toes and jazz hands. As the girly-girl I can sometimes be, whether it’s summer or winter, I like to splash a bit of colour on the nails to brighten things up a bit. Oh and if you’re a nail biter like I once was, putting some bright coloured nail polish on your nails does wonders in stopping you from biting those pretties off because let’s face it once you’ve buffed, cleaned, polished and sealed in that gorgeous colour, do you really want to waste all that effort by biting into them?

We’re always on the hunt for eco products to replace any yucky toxic products but makeup is one area I’ve had trouble finding anything good. Perhaps it’s also the fact we’ve lived in some odd, remote places so access to top quality eco products isn’t something we can get easily and although I could order them all online, what happens if I don’t like a product, won’t having all these different products lying about defeat the purpose of being green?

These days thanks to some great sites like EcoFabulous and magazines like CocoEco, there’s plenty of information out there that can help me make practical eco choices and this morning while waiting for our site to come back online, I found these stunning nail polishes.

Scotch Naturals have created these gorgeous looking nail polishes that I can’t to get my hands on. They’re so gorgeous I don’t know where to start. First there’s the branding which to me is clean, simple and very striking, then there’s all those punchy, beautiful colours and then finally, there’s the green factor. That’s right these polishes are water based so they’re on toxic and have non of the icky chemicals and smells associated with other nail polishes, you know those chemical smells that you can still smell 2 days after applying your nail polish? I can’t wait to try these out, all I need now is to decide which colours to have, any thoughts?

For more information, check out Scotch Naturals.

Images from Scotch Naturals.

Psst: We’re not paid or perked to write this, I just found them, loved the look and wanted to share it.

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  1. Thank you Lisa for the kind words. We are thrilled you found us. Spring is around the corner – can’t wait to unveil our 4 new colors. Cheers and Blessings – Ginny, Scotch Naturals

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