I was out looking for some new bowls the other day and came across this set by Joseph Joseph and while doing a little research on it found out that not only was the design a winner of the reddot design award but also that it was design by Morph in London. The whole package of mixing bowls, strainer, sieve and measuring cups all stacking inside each other for better storage is neat but the bright colours brings some vibrance to the kitchen.

Morph also design this cute double pestle and mortar, also for Joseph Joseph, that stacks into one part I almost feel a theme of there design. But really I have at times had to use different bowls for when crushing flavours because I only have one pestle and mortar, so I might just have to add this to the christmas list for next year.

It seems that Morph have a good working relationship with Joseph Joseph as the scales above are also made for them. Now scales are a strange product, you either have the old fashioned and big metal ones, cheap plastic versions or a flat digital scale. Thankfully Morph have not done any of that with Shell but instead made the bowl the cover when its not in use.

The perspex furniture they designed for Tom Dixon reminds me of a big tetris game. I like the style but it really would be a sit and look at piece over a sit on piece. Firstly is made of Perspex so you will slide all over the place on it, secondly its going to be hard and thirdly those nice squared edges are going to dig into parts when you sit down, besides those few things I would love them. Can you imagine them in a 70’s inspired games room, sweeeet.

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