Recently I have been writing about design from people that either work at the Royal College of Art or attend the Design Products course because of the yearbook I recently got, read about it here.

Well today I am going to look at some of the work of Michael Marriot, and the first piece is a large steel bench, and being the English person I like the ‘CUP OF TEA’ slogan cut out from the top. Simple and functional.

The Sunsum was milled from a stack of glued walnut strips to produce this cute little stool. I really just love the dark walnut wood and the softness of the central hole and slightly curved sides.

The Craft Table is made from painted plywood that slots together, so no more annoying screws and allen keys, to produce this sturdy little bench for the kids to do all the make and do things on.

This is only a small selection of his work so for more on Michael head over to his website and view all his work.

By the way we don’t get paid for bringing you these things (but we would love a box of chocolates as a thank you!!) we just like finding new design and bringing it to you.

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