Matters of the Heart


If you follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you’ll know that for the month of September we’re giving back. For the whole of this month, $5.00 from each print sold in our shop will go the the Heart Foundation.

A lot of you have been asking why this, why now, and why the Heart Foundation. It all started with this little guy.

Rugged up and ready for a sunny winters day

Even before we became parents we always knew that we wanted our little one to grow up knowing and understanding that it’s always better to give than to receive. ther’s so many birthdays, christmas’, etc where presents are too often the number one concern and were certainly not going to let Harrison miss out on gifts but we want him to also know that there are others out there that need his love, care, generosity and help.

Back in August, with Father’s day looming, we made a decision to give back every Mothers and Fathers day to someone else you needs it.

This year, our first year of this tradition, instead of buying socks, ties, and the usual “fathers day” attire, we’ll be donating that money to the Heart Foundation. As I mentioned at the start of this post, Quirk Design will be getting on the giving act too by donation $5.00 from every print sold in the month of September to the Heart Foundation too.

Why the Heart Foundation? If it hadn’t had been for the heart transplant he received, Matthew’s dad would not have had 12 wonderful more years with his family and friends. It’s thanks to the amazing work of this and of course other medical organsations that people like Matthew’s father have the gift of time.



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