It’s not that far to walk but works the appetite just enough. But before I got to the cake I walked into OneDeko which specialised in Italian interior design which I noticed had several pieces that I will be showcasing in the coming weeks, Moroso was one. I could have gone into several places but in the end I ended up in Tea Smith for some nice relaxing herbal tea. It does have the atmosphere of a little Asian tea shop and the branding is great.

The delightful tea lady serves you the tea in a small cup, more akin to a doll set, and jug. I though bloody he’ll this is expensive then I tasted it and it was sublime. The pleasant mix of flavour and aroma with neither being overwhelming, I had the Bi Lu Shi. But then the lady comes and takes the jug away when it’s empty and goes to refill it from your leaves that she still has, so infect what I first thought was expensive was very resonably priced.

A couple of shops down was The Lollipop Shoppe, how disappointed was I to find out this was a furniture store and had no sweets at all, oh well. But the shop did have some nice furniture such as the lamp at the top of the post and the chair above, but it also had lots of other little bits dotted around the shop. You need to go in and have a look to understand how much they have fitted in to such a small shop.

Now it’s time for a walk back to the Saco apartment.

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