So yesterday I posted about one of the two trends I have spotted cropping up in design, natural, and today its almost the opposite with fractural design. Remember those 80’s graphics of fractural number algorithms continuously changing on the screen. This theme reminds me of that and is almost the opposite of the natural design language that I wrote about yesterday being a very man made look. Take the table above not smooth and organic, normal and conformist, its quite the opposite almost in your face as a design. The sharp look is reministant of a brown Lego block table, but having the natural wood grain visible softens it just a little on the eye. Its available from Johnson Trading Gallery, the website here.

This little chair from Richard Hutten is made up from slices of MDF and is actually a series of profiles that is of a Richard getting up from a seated position. This is very much a conceptual piece of work but it highlights my point of the fractural design with the changes in form being harsh.

This stool from Moroso has those sharp edges and the geometric pattern has that very man made look also the fact that the material is either white or black adds to the hardness of the design. You have to also remember that this is 1.2m in diameter so its big and imposing. I will be doing a whole post on Moroso furniture in the coming weeks.

Marcel Wanders has made a collection called Crochet, more of that here, which looks like a lot of lace put together to make, in this case, a chair. The pattern is really detailed and I think you could keep finding little bits in it for ages.

This in another product from Freedom of Creation and although it does not fit that fractural mould exactly you can see with the use of materials and form how its a very man made piece (minus the butterflies). The 2 part structure and the solid inner surface of the legs all go against the natural look.

Don’t worry over the coming weeks I have a lot more examples of these and other styles coming up so stay tuned.

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