LittleWren a magazine for young creatives

In this day in age with social media, magazines, television and films we are constantly exposed to over-photoshopped, over made up and over styled everything! So it’s no wonder that so many of our teenage boys and girls struggle with not just body image but I think a general life image. They are so used to seeing everything in a highly styled light that it can be hard for them to let their own voices be heard.

I’ve never been a big fan of the glossy magazines, you know the ones full of the next diet, the latest in celebrity news, etc; home and creative magazines have always been my thing but even with their beautifully styled and photographed pages, I never got caught up in the hype of “staged-perfection”. Maybe it’s the graphic designer in me that just naturally assumes most images are photoshopped or styled in some way or maybe its that my sister and I were lucky enough to have wonderful parents (you’re welcome I know you’re reading this xx) that encouraged us to have our own opinions and voices even through our teenage years when it’s a lot harder to just be you.

This brings me to a little something called LittleWren. When I stumbled on this brilliant idea I was so excited that the post I was planning on publishing today got tossed in the pending pile so I could bring you this.

LittleWren is a biannual publication designed for young women to inspire their creativity and general awesomeness.  Isn’t that wonderful! Finally a magazine for young women that has nothing to do with celebrities, botox, or body issues, instead they focus on what creative women do best by bringing inspiring pieces and stunning showcases of skills and art which I think is what we need more of on the magazine racks.

How did I discover this little beauty? They had me at Vanilla Ice! I was checking out a campaigns over on Pozible as I tend to do once a week; always good to check out what exciting new ventures, products and ideas people are coming up with and show our support; when I noticed a little tribute to the oh-so-poetic Vanilla Ice and that was it, I had to keep reading.

I absolutely love the idea that young teenage girls who are incredibly creative but feel they can’t show their true selfs will have something to help encourage them to be just that; Creative!


Their first issue hasn’t been released yet, hence the Pozible campaign, but check out their website, Facebook and Instagram pages and of course don’t forget Pozible where you can also help make this magazine come to life with a little (or big) pledge.

Image from LittleWren, reworked by us.

We have not been paid of perked to write this post, I absolutely fell in love with the idea of this magazine and I’m sure you will too.

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