We’ve been showcasing some of the products from one of the books I have been reading lately, LEED Materials A Resource Guide to Green Building of which you can see the other posts here and here, and in this list I am going to show you some wall products I found interesting.

To start building a house and to make it comfortable you need walls and the more insulated the better so Bonded Logic have made an insulation material from recycled denim and cotton, that’s jeans to you and me. The fact that it is made from denim and cotton makes it much better to install as it is non-irritable.

Want to make your house shine a little or just bored with normal roof tiles then Millennium Tiles have the answer in a stainless steel roofing tile. They also do the same with tiles with colours such as bronze or slate, or if you’re not into those colours you can order  a custom version. OK so I think a whole roof in shiny stainless steel could be a little over the top but it could be used in a good way to reflect light into a building to reduce the need for electric lights.

A little sick of flat walls? You could use a tile system such as the one made by 3-form, they have either the Wovin or Wave wall. They both come in a range of materials from wood, metal or bright coloured plastic to add a bit of energy to a home or office.

Or after something that you can create patterns with then MIO paper form tiles are made from recycled paper into 3D tiles. These tiles can then be painted to fit into the rest of the decor.

If you like natural light yet still want to have some privacy then the Bencore panels might just fit the bill. Actually the Bencore panel can be used for walls, doors and even desks and in a variety of colours allows for great flexibility and customisation.

Definitely not your normal collection of internal walls finishes. What do you guys think? Leave a comment and let us know.

Images from Bonded Logic, Millennium Tiles, 3-form, MIO and Bencore.

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