At the end of last year we were in the Architecural museum in Stockholm and on the way out wandered around the gift shop and we brought the book LEED Materials A Resource Guide to Green Building by Ari Meisel. We’ve slowly been going through the well laid out book and looking at all the new products and innovations, so I thought I would share a few of the more interesting ones with you.

Lightpoints are made by Schott and they take your normal LED lights and place them into glass. So now you can have a clean glass look that also adds light, be it over the kitchen worktop, into the treads of stairs or a balcony edge. For more information go to Schott

A similar idea is Ceelite, which is a light emitting capacitor, which can be used to backlight surfaces with an even glow over the point source lighting of LED’s. Its flexibility allows it to be made into curved desk edges or other such items. For more information go to Flexalite

Eleek lightning use the contrast of materials such as bronze and aluminium to give a warm soft look to there products such as the Calliope chandelier. The also use a high content of recycled metals. True some of the designs won’t fit in everywhere but when they do they will stand out. For more about them go to Eleek

Recently we brought an ethanol flame lamp for a relative as we love the look of a naked flame but what if you want some warmth and not to see it, well thankfully Saint Gobain have made a glass heater. Yep you did read that right a glass heater, think of it as a see through electric heater. It comes in either clear, coloured, mirrored or patterned, pretty sleek and minimalist. If you want to know more go to Glass Radiators

Images from Schott, Flexalite, Eleek and Glass Radiators.

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