Here at Quirk Design our brains are always switched on to overdrive, and we keep coming up with all sorts of ideas, and although some maybe a little on the wacky side, others we think have the potential to make our lives greener, leaner and happier. Over the past year, I’ve been working closely with the newer range of LED’s and this got me thinking about the way LED’s are currently used and how they could be used in the future.

An idea a had a few years ago was to create a lighting system that could be used as a water safety feature, similar to the Equasystem tap. Since then I’ve been looking at other ways to let light help people. While on a recent search for baby products I noticed that there was no true water temperature toy. Of course there are plenty of thermometers and even thermometers with a toy attached but what about making things a little easier buy having your favourite rubber ducky tell you what tempurature the water is? By simply putting the duck in the water, it will change colour dependent on the tempurature and as a bonus, baby can play with it.

One company investing heavily into LED technology is Philips. They’ve been using LED’s to add help you wake up and add colour to home but where else in the home can colour and light be used? The humble tap is a simple idea particularly with modern taps becoming more minimal in their design and the difference between hot and cold becoming harder to notice.

Ever placed your hand on a stove or oven while it was still hot? Ouch! What about an LED system incorporated into the rangehood or oven door that lets you know whether it’s still hot or not, or taking this one step further, a LED or paint finish on pot handles that changes colour when hot.

Maybe the pot handle ideas are a little over the top, but these days there have been huge advances in LED technology as well as temperature controlled finishes, such as the Caffery’s beer cans which had a label that changed colour to let you know it was at the perfect drinking temperature.

All these advances in materials, no matter how crazy some might sound, can all help in making the world a little safer and easier.

Do you think LED technology can make things safer? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

Images from Philips, Quirk Design (that’s us), House Interior Home and PopSop.

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