If you’ve been following us on Twitter and Facebook, you’ll know that this weekend we headed into Gothenburg for a look at the design market a la london. Showcasing 25 of Sweden’s best up and coming designers it was an eclectic mix of jewellery, home decor and clothing that reminded us why Swedish design is so well loved all over the world.

Set up in Gothenburgs Pustervik Bar, a building run to showcase Swedish arts from dance to paintings, we instantly felt we were in an uber stylish bar in St. Kilda, Melbourne and part of some exclusive art world where invitations were a must. Upstairs along the narrow room, packed in like sardines were the 25 designers showing their goods.

There’s something wonderful about Swedish people that even when the place is jam packed there seems to be such a respect of ones personal space that there is no fighting, pushing or poking which made the event all the better.

Let’s take a look our top 5 designers of the day and checkout which items we took home.

Thanks to sites like Etsy and Made It, kniting, crochet and hand sewing have become all the rage and these crochet pieces from fridapaulina show why it’s so popular. We first spied the green grandmas lace earrings from a distance and though they were seahorses but upon closer inspection we discovered the beauty of this delicately handmade pieces.
Want to know more? Check out fridapaulina

Pyssel Gruppen
I love earrings. I love the classic diamond or pearl stud as well as the more unique styles which is why I couldn’t resists buying  a pair of Swedish stamp earrings from the Pyssel Gruppen. If you’re not a stamp fan, they had plenty of other designs to temp you, like pussel pieces, pinecones and origami.
Want to know more? Check out Pyssel Gruppen.

If my thing is earrings, Matt’s is t-shirts. Wherever we go a city, a concert, a gallery, T-shirts are a definate stop. He’s got a great collection of unique tshirts and these from agoodtshirt would be a perfect addition to his collection.
Want to know more? Check out agoodtshirt.

Bright colours, crochet knits and cute sayings made up the Torian collection.We were particularly impressed with this collection as it was a real collection rather than just one or two pieces. The christmas lights caught my eye and might have to be added to my christmas wishlist.
Want to know more? Check out Torian.

Nordin & Westmar
Last but certainly not least are these sweet and simple pieces from Nordin & Westmar, one of which has ended up in my jewellery collection. I love the playfulness of these designs, it’s a great way to add a little fun to your outfit.
Want to know more? Check out Nordin & Westmar.

As you can see our day was filled with great new Swedish designs. If you want to see more Swedish designs, check out our Seductively Swedish section and stay tuned for our review of the Hem och Villa home show.

Images from a la london, fridapaulina, Pyssel Gruppen, agoodtshirt, Torian and Nordin & Westmar

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